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Ariana Grande SUPPORTS Mac Miller During Tribute Concert

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Last night, some of Hollywood’s finest artists got together for the Mac Miller: A Celebration of Life concert in Hollywood, to honor the late rapper and really to celebrate his life. The lineup included Chance The Rapper, Travis Scott, John Mayer, SZA, and more, but obviously everybody was wondering if Ariana Grande would be performing, or even in attendance..
Ariana Grande and Mac Miller split earlier this year after dating for about 2 years, and she was understandably heartbroken when he passed away due to a drug overdose. Still can’t even imagine what she’s been feeling these past few months.
Now, the God is a Woman singer did not end up performing at the concert, but Mac was seemingly on her mind and in her heart during the show.
While the show went down, Ari took to her Instagram stories in what appears to be Mac Miller’s sweatshirt. Fans were quick to point out Ari’s outfit, a white hoodie that reads “I’m not a rapper,” and yeah, it definitely looks like a hoodie we’ve seen Mac wearing. Instagram user @arisguardianangel posted a side by side of Ari’s story and Mac in the same hoodie.
And of course that adorable puppy didn’t go unnoticed with fans… because it looks a lot like Mac’s puppy, Myron. Reports surfaced shortly after his death that Ari was taking care of Mac’s dog. Ariana’s mother also named Myron as one of Ari’s pups in a recent post. So to see her cuddling up with Myron in that hoodie was seriously so sweet and sad all at the same time.
It might be subtle but I definitely think this was Ari’s way of showing her love for Mac.
But now I want to hear from all of you. Drop all your thoughts on Ari’s sweet Insta post down in the comments and then you can click here for another brand new video, and of course be sure to subscribe. I’m your girl Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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5 thoughts on “Ariana Grande SUPPORTS Mac Miller During Tribute Concert

  1. I don’t care about Ariana grande tbh. I still can’t believe Macs gone. I LITERALLY grew up listening to him. I’m from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he was from and Mac and wiz Khalifa were 2 of the biggest artists there. I’m still upset about it. ☹️

  2. Does anyone else think that maybe the Pete relationship was a way to scare Mac Miller that backfired. I dont feel like she ever cared for or loved Pete. Her originally post speaking on the breakup with Mac sounded like a break not moving and getting engaged. The he died and her world shattered. She has posted more tributes to Mac and has even seemingly gotten irritated with Pete although he hasn’t changed. He joked before, during, and now after the relationship and now to her he’s trying to stay relevant. He had a career before her and she didn’t open any doors for him. I think her sanity and mental stability should questioned. Shes all over the place.

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